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Latest Industry and Labor News
Recent Ruling May Boost Cases for ‘Midnight Rider’ Plaintiffs

(Variety, Sept. 30)

Jones’ family settled litigation with the producers last year, but a key question is whether the OSHA fines and Calhoun’s conclusions could be introduced in remaining cases.


ICG Presents Emerging Cinematographer Awards

(THR, Sept. 28)

The Guild also honored its executive director, Bruce C. Doering, who plans to retire in December.


In Quest for Global Presence, Netflix Acquires Rights to 3 More Shows

(NY Times, Sept. 28)

Some media executives and industry analysts are growing skeptical that licensing shows to Netflix makes sense, because it can cannibalize traditional ratings and ad revenues.


HAWAII: Masons’ Union Members End Strike

(Honolulu Star-Advertiser, Sept. 24)

Approximately 600 members of the title setters union are back on the job this morning ending a three-day strike


Unions in Jeopardy

(The Nation, Sept. 24)

For decades, the Supreme Court supported rules to protect collective bargaining. That era is over.


Reality TV Company's Anti-Union Email: We Already Have a "Suggestion Box"

(Gawker, Sept. 23)

Leftfield Entertainment is the reality TV production company behind shows like “Real Housewives of New Jersey” and “Pawn Stars.” Leftield’s bosses really, really do not want their employees to unionize.


Healthcare Costs Rise Again, and the Burden Continues to Shift to Workers

(LA Times, Sept. 23)

Over the past decade, the average deductible that workers must pay for medical care before their insurance kicks in has more than tripled from $303 in 2006 to $1,077 today.


Alabama Vote Is Rare Win in the South for the U.A.W.

(NY Times, Sept. 23)

Workers at an auto parts plant in northeast Alabama cited issues such as wage caps and growing use of temporary workers in their vote to join a labor union.


Hollywood Adjusts Netflix Strategy as Cord-Cutting Fears Grow

(Bloomberg, Sept. 22)

Fox CEO says 'thinking is evolving’ and plans more deals with Hulu.


ARIZONA: The real unemployment rate? 44 percent of Arizona adults not working

(Phoenix Business Journal, Sept. 18)

Arizona usually ranks in the bottom 10 U.S. states for percentage of working-age persons actually working.


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