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Atlanta Journal Constitution, Oct. 10

DeKalb County is starting an effort to become a bigger player in Georgia’s booming entertainment industry.


The Sundial, Oct. 9

Every semester, Cinema and Television Arts students pitch their screenplays in hopes to be chosen to film and produce their ideas.


CBS News, Oct. 9

Disappointing ticket sales for "Blade Runner 2049" are a blow for the companies behind the eagerly anticipated film, and also cast a pall on other movie-industry players.


Williston Herald, Oct. 6

Drones have had a slow takeoff in the oilfield, despite their potential, but that could be about to change in the Williston Basin in a big way, and a Williston company is positioning itself to lead that charge.


405, Sept. 27

Whether your favourite form of entertainment is TV, film, gaming or sports, you’ll be well aware that new technology has transformed the way we consume and connect with the things we love.


Independent, Sept. 25

John Legend, Stevie Wonder and Ice Cube are among those who have spoken out in support of the NFL players staging demonstrations during matches in the US.


Northern Nevada Business Weekly, Sept. 25

Those who work in the entertainment industry are now required to take workplace safety compliant.


AdAge, Sept. 25

The consensus is clear: Gender equality in ads is a good thing, stereotyping is a bad thing—and Advertising Week has a lot of panels on the subject.


New Statesman, Sept. 22

In the first episode of the second season of Tig Notaro’s semi-autobiographical comedy One Mississippi, released on Amazon Video this month, the conversation turns unexpectedly heavy.


Huffpost, Sept. 22

Women Behind the Mic set off a powerful movement — co-founded by Michelle Joyce (former Director of Marketing for Bad Boy Entertainment) and LaJoyce Brookshire (former Director of Publicity for Arista) — at the Newark International Film Festival last week.


Albany Times Union, Sept. 21

Russian police have detained four people suspected of an arson attack linked to a movie about the last Russian czar's affair with a ballerina, officials said Thursday.


L.A. Times, Sept. 21

Los Angeles-based actress, red-carpet model, writer and producer Dominika Juillet said the convergence of fashion and film is accelerating due to social media and new technologies, which is also making it easier for designers, independent filmmakers and consumers to share stories and create brand narratives.


Forbes, Sept. 21

Saudi Arabia's government is planning a multi-billion dollar investment drive to inject some life into the country’s woefully inadequate entertainment and leisure industry and provide a boost to the wider economy.


Variety, Sept. 21

The European Commission has greenlit a long-gestating French draft measure to have foreign streaming services such as Netflix and video-sharing websites such as YouTube that distribute content in France but are not fiscally established there pay a 2% tax to France’s National Film Board.


Deadline, Sept. 20

The Women’s Media Summit, a group of more than 100 leaders from various industries, has issued a white paper outlining a plan of action for “eliminating gender inequity in U.S. entertainment media.” One of its strategies is to “boycott films that score poorly on gender equity.”


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